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Team White Takes JoFo Cup

August 31, 2014


Drake Bodie had five points and Tyler Garrioch had two goals as Team White got by Team Black 7-0 at the 4th annual JoFo Cup, also known as the Dauphin Kings Intrasquad Game.

The first period was a bit of a quiet one as both teams failed to score, but in the second period things opened up.

Goaltenders Connor Shaw (White) and Troy Martyniuk (Black) were the starters for their respective teams. Both played strong, and each faced some key scoring chances. Shaw and Martyniuk were replaced by Riley Corbin (White) and Francis Marotte. Corbin and Marotte both played solid considering the chances they faced. Below are the goalie stats!

From my view it was a good weekend for the Kings. However some tough decisions lie ahead. Dauphin has a lot of very good young players, and that’s very evident when it comes to their 18 year olds. Many of them showed very well this weekend, in total the Kings have 12. Eighteen year old skaters that stood out the most in my mind Sunday evening for the JoFo Cup were (F) Landon Plett, (F) Rylan Freed, (F) Nolan Martens, (D) Riley Thiessen, (D) Ty Moffat and (D) Hayden Pierce.

Tomorrow the Kings will practice and get set for their first exhibition game, it’s on Tuesday when they host the Swan Valley Stampeders. Puck drop is 7:00pm at Credit Union Place.

For now, here’s the first of two interviews with Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray, this one talks about the weekend and the schedule ahead…

My second interview is more of a feature with Murray. This time we discuss players that were let go by the team on Saturday night. We focus on the younger players Dauphin has listed, and how Murray thought they did…




Starting Goalies
White – Connor Shaw
Black – Troy Martyniuk

No Scoring

C.Shaw 10/10
T.Martyniuk 10/10

Power Plays:
No Penalties



4:32 – TEAM WHITE GOAL – T.Garrioch (1) from D.Bodie & B.Hull
8:54 – TEAM WHITE GOAL – G.Hore (1) from D.Bodie & T.Moffat
17:01 - TEAM WHITE GOAL – G.Hore (2) from M.Greening & B.Redekopp
19:04 – TEAM WHITE GOAL – C.Thomas (1) from H.Pierce

C.Shaw 4/4 Replaced at 9:51 by Riley Corbin (1/1)
T.Martyniuk 3/5 Replaced at 9:51 Francis Marotte (3/5)

Power Plays:
No Penalties



1:03 – TEAM WHITE GOAL – M.Lapointe (1) from C.Thomas
6:33 – TEAM WHITE GOAL – D.Bodie (1) from T.Garrioch & G.Hore
9:40 – TEAM WHITE GOAL – D.Bodie (2) Unassisted
16:27 – TEAM WHITE GOAL – T.Garrioch (2) from D.Bodie & B.Hull

R.Corbin (8/8)
F.Marotte (10/14)

Total Shots:
White 34
Black 23

Power Plays:


Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The JoFo Cup

: F- D.Bodie (2G, 3A)
★★: F- T.Garrioch (2G, 1A)
★★★: F- G.Hore (2G, 1A)


JoFo Cup Lineups

August 31, 2014


(Last year’s winners)

JoFo Cup – Dauphin Kings Intrasquad Game


After tonight’s game be sure to check back here for reactions and much more, including a chat with Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray.

Follow me on twitter tonight (@ChristianCKDM) for updates on the game and more!


Team White


#8 Mathieu Lapointe
#9 Chance Thomas
#10 Mack Little
#11 Landon Plett
#12 Drake Bodie
#13 Tyler Garrioch
#14 Graeme Hore
#15 Matthew Greening
#16 Tyler Derkach
#17 Bradee Prokopchuk


#2 Ty Moffat
#3 Ben Hull
#4 Riley Thiessen
#5 Hayden Pierce
#6 Brayden Redekopp
#7 Lucas Nagel


#30 Riley Corbin
#35 Connor Shaw

Team Black


#8 Ryan Edevold
#9 Rylan Freed
#10 Dylan Bredahl
#11 Aaron Azevedo
#12 Connor McCallum
#13 Stephen McKenzie
#14 Travis Kilbrei
#15 Bradley Schoonbaert
#16 Nolan Martens
#17 Daniel Chartrand
#18 Rayne Nykyforak


#2 Kyle Bird
#3 Connor Dea
#4 Brendan Dusik
#5 Chris Ludwinkski
#6 Branden Storey
#7 Taran Lacquette


#31 Francis Marotte
#32 Troy Martyniuk


Dauphin Kings Camp Day 3 (Evening Games)

August 30, 2014


Dauphin Kings Camp concluded Saturday evening with two games for the four teams at Credit Union Place.

Here’s what happened plus a whole lot more, including cuts, an interview with Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray and more…


Team White (6) vs. Team Black (3)

Team White Goal Scorers

M.Lapointe (2)
C.Thomas (1)
D.Gulay (1)
T.Slobogian (1)
B.Kruk (1)

Team Black Goal Scorers

D.Chartrand (1)
R.Nykyforak (1)
B.Arnold (1)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: F- M.Lapointe (2 Goals)
★★: F- D.Chartrand (1 Goal)
★★★: G- R.Corbin (3GA in 60MP)



Team Green (6) vs. Team Red (5)

Team Green Goal Scorers

M.Greening (2)
L.Plett (1)
N.Martens (1)
S.MacKenzie (1)
T.Derkach (1)

Team Red Goal Scorers

C.McCallum (1)
R.Edevold (1)
G.Hore (1)
T.Kilbrea (1)
A.Dufresne (1)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: F- M.Greening (2 Goals)
★★: F- L.Plett (1 Goal)
★★★: F- N.Martens (1 Goal)


Top 5 Camp Goal Scorers

T1. C.Thomas (6)
T1. M.Greening (6)
T3. C.McCallum (5)
T3. S.MacKenzie (5)
T5. M.Lapointe (4)
T5. R.Freed (4)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of Kings Camp

: F- C.Thomas (6 Goals)
★★: G- R.Corbin (11GA in 240MP)
★★★: F- M.Greening (6 Goals)


Final Camp Thoughts:

You’ll hear this in a moment, but overall I thought the local players at Dauphin Kings Camp showed well. The future is bright for not only the Kings right now, but the Parkland Rangers in the Manitoba AAA Midget Hockey League. Players like Matthew Greening, Tyler Derkach, Branden Storey, Daniel Chartrand, Bradee Prokopchuk and more will have good seasons and it will benefit both themselves and the Kings down the road. Four goalies remain right now and all are solid for the Kings, each will get half of the club’s JoFo Cup on Sunday. Troy Martyniuk, Connor Shaw, Riley Corbin and Francis Marotte stand between the pipes for Dauphin. On D I liked a few players and that, in my opinion, is where Dauphin has the toughest decisions to make. I enjoyed watching the big and strong Ben Hull play during the weekend. I also thought local product Taran Lacquette looked good. Lots played well on the back end, and the same can be said for the forwards.

Here’s Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray with his thoughts on the weekend so far…

Kings First Cuts – Age

Riley Bannerman – 16
Brady Gordon – 16
Mathew Radomsky – 16
Joshua Hinderliter – 18
Keenan Allard – 18
Tyler Findlay – 18
Mitch Lyall – 17
Alec Masse – 17
Jeremy Thomas – 16
Andrew Liwiski – 15
Brendan Bogoslowski – 15
Samuel Krushel – 15
Taz McKay – 15
Deric Gulay – 17
Dylan Kulbaba – 16
Brendan Kochanski – 16
Brendan Kruk – 16
Tyler Slobogian – 16
Dylan Ushkowski – 16
Brendan Arnold – 15
Jaden Townsend – 15
Riese Gaber – 15
Brady Smelski – 15
Adam Dufresne – 15

(24 Total)


I will post the JoFo Cup (intrasquad) lineups tomorrow evening, a few hours before the game. Thanks for following!


Dauphin Kings Camp Day 3 (Morning Games)

August 30, 2014


It’s all five on five play today at Dauphin Kings Camp, each team will take part in two games.

The first set are already in the books, here’s what happened… (More to come tonight)


Team White (7) vs. Team Red (0)

Team White Goal Scorers

C.Thomas (2)
T.Garrioch (1)
B.Prokopchuk (1)
D.Gulay (1)
T.Slobogian (1)
S.Krushel (1)

Team Red Goal Scorers


Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: G- R.Corbin (0GA in 60MP)
★★: F- C.Thomas (2 Goals)
★★★: D- M.Little (1 Fight)

Fight – Little vs. McCallum



Former King Jon Gaudet took some time from signing autographs to coach Team Green for the second straight day at Kings Camp.

Team Black (5) vs. Team Green (4)

Team Black Goal Scorers

R.Freed (2)
J.Townsend (2)
D.Bodie (1)

Team Green Goal Scorers

M.Greening (2)
N.Martens (1)
L.Plett (1)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: F- R.Freed (2 Goals)
★★: F- M.Greening (2 Goals + 1 Fight)
★★★: F- L.Plett (1 Goal, played strong)

Fight – Greening vs. Nykyforak


Dauphin Kings Camp Day 2 (Evening Games)

August 29, 2014


Dauphin Kings Camp carried on Friday with two more games, this time four on four.

The early game had Team White defeat Team Green 6-2 while the later contest saw Team Black edge Team Red 5-3. Four on four made the games a bit more interesting and there were less two-on-ones back and forth.

Below are summaries from both games and some stats. Again I apologize for poor updates today, tomorrow I won’t be working the clock so I’ll have more time for updates etc…

Team White (6) vs. Team Green (2)

Team White Goal Scorers

C.Thomas (2)
T.Garrioch (1)
B.Prokopchuk (1)
T.Slobogian (1)
B.Kruk (1)

Team Green Goal Scorers

T.Derkach (1)
D.Ushkowski (1)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: G – R.Corbin (2GA in 60MP – 8GA so far)
★★: F- C.Thomas (2 Goals, solid outing overall)
★★★: F – T.Garrioch (1 Goal, hard work finally pays off)



Team Black (5) vs. Team Black (3)

Team Black Goal Scorers

D.Bodie (1)
R.Freed (1)
R.Nykyforak (1)
B.Arnold (1)
B.Hull (1)

Team Red Goal Scorers

C.McCallum (1)
R.Edevold (1)
R.Gaber (1)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: D- B.Hull (1G & a couple nice assists/passes)
★★: F- B.Arnold (1G, best goal of camp so far)
★★★: F- D.Bodie (1G)


Top 5 Camp Goal Scorers

T1. C.McCallum (4)
T1. S.MacKenzie (4)
T3. C.Thomas (3)
T3. R.Gaber (3)
T5. M.Greening (2)
T5. T.Derkach (2)
T5. M.Lapointe (2)
T5. B.Prokopchuk (2)
T5. R.Edevold (2)
T5. R.Freed (2)
T5. D.Bredahl (2)
T5. R.Nykyforak (2)


First day was a good one in my books. I like the idea of moving up from 3on3 to 4on4 to 5on5. Tomorrow at Dauphin Kings Camp will feature two more games for each group and both affairs will be five-on-five. Following tomorrow cuts will be made in the evening. You can check here after the late games for the cuts, I will post them as soon as I get the information.

Top Players So Far In My Opinion

(I have liked what I’ve seen from a bunch players, but I will single out one on each team to be fair and even.)


White: C.Thomas (3G) has looked strong through two games, has good speed and a nice shot. Looking forward to seeing more Saturday.

Black: R.Freed (2G) also showed some good speed on day one and was strong on the puck.

Green: S.MacKenzie (4G) had a very good first game scoring four, liked his shot and is good on his edges.

Red: C.McCallum (4G) also has a bunch of goals, big body and nice speed.


White: R.Thiessen has been noticeably unnoticeable which is, in this situation, a very good thing.

Black: B.Hull (1G) had some highlights today. A neat little goal in the second game and some excellent passing.

Green: T.Lacquette (1G) looked solid on the back end, made some nice passes and finished on a quick rush.

Red: C.Dea didn’t have any goals today but I enjoyed watching him skate and he made some good outlets.


White: R.Corbin is the only goalie on White, but could arguably be the best tender at camp, only eight goals against through 120 minutes.

Black: F.Marotte bounced back from a tough first game. I have a feeling he will only get better as the weekend goes on.

Green: R.Bannerman had a solid first half of his team’s second game of the day, only allowing a couple goals.

Red: T.Martyniuk didn’t look like he missed much of a beat after a short summer.


Dauphin Kings Camp Day 2 (Morning Games)

August 29, 2014


Two games in the morning on day two of Dauphin Kings Camp.

These two contests were played three on three, the ones in the evening today will be four on four affairs.

Here are some free stats from both games…

Team Black (6) vs. Team White (7) F/SO

Team White Goal Scorers

M.Lapointe (2)
C.Thomas (1)
B.Prokopchuk (1)
D.Gulay (1)
H.Pierce (1)

Team Black Goal Scorers

D.Bredahl (2)
R.Freed (1)
D.Chartrand (1)
R.Nykyforak (1)
B.Kochanski (1)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: F – M.Lapointe (2 Goals)
★★: F – D.Bredahl (2 Goals)
★★★: G – R.Corbin (6GA in 60MP + 0GA in SO)

Shootout Highlights (FREE)



Team Red (11) vs. Team Green (9)

Team Red Goal Scorers

C.McCallum (3)
R.Gaber (2)
A.Azeviedo (1)
R.Edevold (1)
G.Hore (1)
B.Dusik (1)
T.Finlay (1)
K.Allard (1)

Team Green Goal Scorers

S.MacKenzie (4)
M.Greening (2)
T.Derkach (1)
N.Martens (1)
T.Lacquette (1)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: F – S.MacKenzie (4 Goals)
★★: G – T.Martynuik (3GA in 30MP – Made some big saves)
★★★: F – C.McCallum (3 Goals)


Next games go at 4:00pm and 6:00pm at Credit Union Place. Stay tuned for updates. (Sorry about weak updates today, tomorrow will be better! I`m working the clock at the rink for the day!

Dauphin Kings Camp Day 1

August 28, 2014

Dauphin Kings Camp began at 1:00pm Thursday afternoon.

It was a light day with all off ice stuff taking place.

The team took part in the mile run, push ups and sit ups along with height and weight.

The coaching staff was impressed with the fitness level overall in the group of players attending. 


In the 1 mile run it was local product Daniel Chartrand with a time of 5:14.

Sit-ups in 60 seconds  – Nolan Martens with 81 sit-ups

Push-ups in 60 seconds – Connor Dea with 82 push ups

Tomorrow the club hits the ice for games starting at 9:00am.

Here’s some pictures from the opening day…


1:00pm – Check in


1:15pm – Meeting


1:30pm – At the DRCSS


1:35pm – Mile run


2:15pm – Push ups


2:23pm – “I can do 80″


2:30pm – Sit ups


2:40pm – Wrapping things up at the track


2:50pm – Height and weight