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First One Hour Power Play Show Of The Season Tomorrow!

September 18, 2014


Well, like the smell in your gym bag that never seems to go away, the One Hour Power Play Show is set to return for another season TOMORROW (Friday) on 730 CKDM and

The One Hour Power Play Show is an hour long show on 730 CKDM that features news, interviews and more on the Dauphin Kings. It runs from 4:00-5:00pm on selected dates for Dauphin home games, you can see the schedule for it here! Even though the show is mostly focused on the Kings, it also takes a look at other hockey in and around the Parkland area.

This week’s edition will get you set for the 2014-15 MJHL season and the contest between the Dauphin Kings and Swan Valley Stampeders which goes at 7:00pm!



We’ll kick things off with an interview with Dauphin Kings Marketing Director Carla Wolfenden on the Tailgate Party presented by the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy at Credit Union Place. We’ll discuss what’s going on, and that’s lots. Beer gardens, BBQ, contests, autographs and bouncy castles are just a few things you’ll see in the parking lot. Autographs include, but are not limited to CKDM’s Al Gaines, the Dauphin Herald’s Doug Zywina, local celebrity and Kings PA Announcer Terry Murray, a handful of Dauphin Kings players and more! So we’ll start the live show off with Carla Wolfenden!

In our second break I’ll have three Dauphin Kings players on the show. Tyler Garrioch is back after last season’s run to the RBC Cup in Vernon BC. I’ll ask him a few things including why he’s changing his number. Ben Hull is a 20 year old D-man for the Kings, he’s also from the U.S., so with that being said, I’ll ask him his favorite part about Canada so far and more. Then I’ll end the segment with local goalie Connor Shaw, he’s been in the Kings system for awhile now and players always used to do “Connor Shaw Shout-outs” during past Power Play Shows. I’ll ask him for a shout out. Who will it be for? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

The third break of the One Hour Power Play Show will feature two head coaches. Doug Hedley is back behind the bench for the Manitoba AAA Midget Hockey League’s Parkland Rangers. They just finished their exhibition schedule, I’ll ask Hedley his thoughts on the team, how many bodies are left and if he expects some players back from Junior A clubs across the board. After Hedley is Rick Freese, he’s back behind the bench as well for the Westman High School Hockey League’s Dauphin Clippers. The Clippers wrapped up their camp last weekend, I’ll as k Freese how it went and what he’s expecting for the upcoming campaign.

The final break for the first One Hour Power Play Show is put aside for a preview of this year’s MJHL season. I’ll also speak with Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray on a number of items including his team, leadership, thoughts heading into the first game of the season and lots more!

All that and lots of other shenanigans, so make sure you tune in starting at 4:00pm TOMORROW!!!



Below is a FREE SAMPLE from this week’s show. It’s an interview with Kings 20 year old D-man Ben Hull. Being from the US, we begin with talk on Canada and Hull’s favourite part so far…

Make sure you listen to all the interviews on 730 CKDM!!!
For the FULL SCHEDULE for the One Hour Power Play Show and more. Click HERE!!!

MJHL 2014-15 Season Preview/Predictions

September 17, 2014

The Winnipeg Blues beat the Dauphin Kings four-games-to-one in the MJHL Final last season.

The MJHL drops the puck on the 2014-15 season this Friday and the Dauphin Kings will be in the spotlight for the first half hour of the evening.

In total there are five games on the ice Friday (OCN @ Neepawa, Steinbach @ Winkler, Winnipeg @ Selkirk and Portage @ Virden).

The Dauphin Kings entertain the Swan Valley Stampeders at 7:00pm. Remember the One Hour Power Play Show will get you set for the Kings Home Opener at Credit Union Place. It runs from 4-5pm on 730 CKDM and It’s 100% FREE to listen to! I’ll have a preview of it tomorrow right here on the blog.

Now, to the predictions…

There are some pretty easy answers here, and I think you know what I’m getting at. There also so pretty tough questions as well, so I’ll do my best to draw you a picture of the MJHL and what I think will happen this season.

Over the next few minutes I will be rating teams and putting them where I think they will finish the season in each division.

REMEMBER, this is how I see the teams NOW and I can almost guarantee there will be changes by the time the year ends in early March and playoffs begin.

Along with a little blurb I will rate certain aspects of teams (Goaltending, Defense, Forwards and Overall) by giving grades (A+ to D).

Let’s begin…

MJHL TEAMS (Alphabetical)

Dauphin Kings (Last Season 40-17-3 / 1st in Sher-Wood Division)

This is my first prediction, and as you would expect this will be the longest of them all…

For those who didn’t have a chance to see the Dauphin Kings in the Pre Season and are assuming they won’t have much this year considering they have just one returning player from the RBC Cup in Vernon, you will be surprised. What does that mean? It means this team is different than it was last year, obviously. But not a bad different, a good different in my opinion. The younger Dauphin Kings will give teams fits this season, I believe. Yes, it is a younger group and growing pains are expected. Patience with this team will be key for the fans. The Kings will be the underdog this season, however I can see them relishing that role like they did at the RBC Cup in May. It’s hard not to look down the road with this team. If they develop the way I think they can, they might be a dominant force in coming seasons. The best part about this year’s squad? There’s no pressure.

Dauphin Forwards – B+

Dauphin Defence - B

Dauphin Goaltending - B+

Overall – B+


Neepawa Natives (Last Season 14-41-5 / 6th in Sher-Wood Division)

After seeing the Neepawa Natives a few times in the MJHL Pre Season I truly believe this team is now on the upswing from years past that saw them miss the playoffs and being the bottom feeder of the league. I think this team will make the post season this year, their young talent is starting to come around. No, they’re not going to finish high in the standings and take the league, but I can see them making the Survivor Series and perhaps doing some damage. After that I would think odds are against them. Baby steps though…

Neepawa Forwards – C+

Neepawa Defence - C+

Neepawa Goaltending - C+

Overall – C+


OCN Blizzard (Last Season 21-34-5 / 4th in Sher-Wood Division)

This year might be a low point for the OCN Blizzard. They don’t have much for returning players this season and keep in mind last year they had one of the best MJHL forwards on their club and finished with a record well below .500. Yes I know, one player does not make a team. However if that’s what the Blizzard could do with Tyler Grove, Brian Archibald and a few other key pieces, what will they do without them? The outlook, as of right now, is not a very good one for a team that was once an unstoppable force in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League…

OCN Forwards – C

OCN Defence - C

OCN Goaltending –

Overall – C


Portage Terriers (2015 RBC Cup Hosts)

(Last Season 36-16-8 / 3rd in Addison Division) 

What do you call last year for the Portage Terriers? I’m calling it an evaluation period. That’s because it was a time for Head Coach & General Manager Blake Spiller to assess what he had on the table, what needed to be knocked off and what needed to be added. As of right now I can tell you I don’t think the Portage Terriers are ready to host the RBC Cup from a team standpoint, but I can tell you they will be. As mentioned above, these predictions are for the now, not for the later. Portage will and should be the best team in the league this season.

Portage Forwards – A-

Portage Defence - A-

Portage Goaltending - A-

Overall – A-


Selkirk Steelers (Last Season 49-7-4 / 1st in Addison Division)

The Selkirk Steelers have a lot of work ahead of them on the ice. They won’t likely come anywhere close to what they did last year in the regular season. However all the Steelers need to do is make the playoffs and win a couple games. If they do they’ll surpass last year’s disappointing end. I think the Steelers will be a playoff team, but how good remains to be seen. Expect Selkirk to finish in the middle of the MJHL standings.

Selkirk Forwards – C+

Selkirk Defence - B

Selkirk Goaltending - C+

Overall – B-


Steinbach Pistons (Last Season 42-16-2 / 2nd in Addison Division)

I go into this season with the same opinion on the Steinbach Pistons as I did last season. I think this team has the potential to do a lot of damage in the MJHL, they have a solid group of returning players and I like their make up on the defensive side of the puck. The key this year, like any other years for the Pistons, is to take advantage of their games at home. Yes their small rink is brutal for visiting teams, but it is what it is and Steinbach needs to exploit that advantage when other teams come into their building. If they can do that well enough, they’ll win 40+ games this season.

Steinbach Forwards – B+

Steinbach Defence - B

Steinbach Goaltending - A-

Overall – B+


Swan Valley Stampeders (Last Season 27-30-3 / 3rd in Sher-Wood Division)

Like the Neepawa Natives, I got to see the Swan Valley Stampeders twice in the MJHL Pre Season. I like where this team is going. They will make the playoffs this season and I think they’ll even get through the first round. As of right now the key for the Stampeders is finding a starting goalie. They have good prospects in that position, but if they want to do damage they need to find a strong 19 or 20 year old netminder. In a couple years Swan Valley could be a very strong team. The building blocks are in place. Swan will win 30+ games this season.

Swan Valley Forwards – B+

Swan Valley Defence - C+

Swan Valley Goaltending - C+ 

Overall – B-


Virden Oil Capitals (Last Season 32-24-4 / 2nd in Sher-Wood Division)

The Virden Oil Capitals have been like an airplane after take-off ever since they entered the MJHL two seasons ago. They have been on a steady climb when it comes to where they’ve finished in the standings. The question this year is are they at their cruising altitude or do they have some more climbing to do? I think this team has more to give and I think they’ll be inside the top five of the MJHL this season. I’d even say Virden might be the team to beat if Portage wasn’t hosting the RBC Cup this season.

Virden Forwards – B+

Virden Defence - B+

Virden Goaltending - B+ 

Overall – B+


Waywayseecappo Wolverines (Last Season 18-39-3 / 5th in Sher-Wood Division)

It’s still rebuilding time for the Waywayseecappo Wolverines. The team had some potential last year, almost taking out the OCN Blizzard in the survivor series, but couldn’t get over the hump. I think Wayway will make it to the post season, but what they do beyond that could be anything. The Wolverines have always been a hardworking team, the problem is they need more skill to go along with all the hardwork. If they can get that then they could be a dangerous team come early next year…

Wayway Forwards – C

Wayway Defence - C

Wayway Goaltending - B

Overall – C+


Winkler Flyers (Last Season 20-36-4 / 5th in Addison Division)

The Winkler Flyers had a pretty good Pre Season, going 7-1 in exhibition. What does that mean? Well absolutely nothing in the standings and points race. Perhaps it could be a little bit of foreshadowing for the 2014-15 season? I think it is. I think Winkler is this season’s dark horse in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League. I don’t necessarily think the Flyers will run the league this year, but I do believe they’ll be in the middle of the pack and have no problem making the post season. I also look at Winkler being one of those teams going on a cinderella run like the Winnipeg Blues did last year. Look for Tristan Keck to be one of the top scorers in the MJHL this season, if he can stay healthy…

Winkler Forwards – B+

Winkler Defence - B

Winkler Goaltending - B+

Overall – B+


Winnipeg Blues (Last Season 31-23-6 / 4th in Addison Division) (Won League)

Winnipeg has a solid returning core to their team this year and they always have a good amount of prospects to fall back on. The Blues won’t win the MJHL again this season, but they will be inside the top five when it comes to the overall standings by the end of the year. They lost their top three scorers (Warren Callis, Jordan McCallum & Joel Schreyer), a few key D-men (Channing Bresciani, Ben Sveinson & Cody Danylchuk) and their number one goalie and playoff MVP (Byron Spriggs). Sounds like a lot, but I think the Blues will have enough coming back and enough coming in to have no problem getting into the post season.

Winnipeg Forwards – B+

Winnipeg Defence - B

Winnipeg Goaltending - B+

Overall – B+


As a little treat I also felt like predicting the MJHL Playoffs. Remember, it’s a new format this year. Here’s what I think as of right now…


1. Portage Terriers

2. Winnipeg Blues

3. Virden Oil Capitals

4. Dauphin Kings

5. Steinbach Pistons

6. Winker Flyers

7. Selkirk Steelers

8. Swan Valley Stampeders

9. Neepawa Natives

10. Waywayseecappo Wolverines

11. OCN Blizzard


Survivor Series (Best of 3)

(7) Selkirk vs. (10) Waywayseecappo

(8) Swan Valley vs. (9) Neepawa Natives

Winners: Selkirk (in 2) & Swan Valley (in 2)


MJHL Quarter Finals (Best of 7)

(1) Portage vs. (8) Swan Valley

(2) Winnipeg vs. (7) Selkirk

(3) Virden vs. (6) Winkler

(4) Dauphin vs. (5) Steinbach

Winners: Portage (in 5), Winnipeg (in 5), Winkler (in 6) & Dauphin (in 7)


MJHL Semi Finals (Best of 7)

(1) Portage vs. (6) Winkler

(2) Winnipeg vs. (4) Dauphin

Winners: Portage (in 6) & Dauphin (in 6)


MJHL Final (Best of 7)

(1) Portage vs. (4) Dauphin

MJHL Winner: Portage (in 5)


Kings Trade For Hepp

September 11, 2014


The Dauphin Kings have begun making the final touches for the upcoming hockey season.

Today the MJHL club announced they have acquired 19 year old forward Tanner Hepp from the Swan Valley Stampeders in exchange for future considerations.

Hepp is a solid player that goes to the hard areas. From watching the Stampeders a few times last season I enjoyed the way he played. Hepp is also the former captain of the Manitoba AAA Midget Hockey League’s Norman Northstars.

The Kings also recently announced they have sent 20 year old defenseman Connor Dea to the Soo Thunderbirds of the NOJHL for future considerations.

Keep checking my blog for more updates and interviews throughout the next week as the Dauphin Kings get set to open their 2014-15 season on Friday September 19th at home against Swan Valley (7:00pm).



Season Team League GP G A TP PIM +/-      Postseas. GP G A TP PIM +/- 
 10-11 Norman Northstars MMHL 43 2 9 11 34 | Playoffs 5 0 1 1 0  
 11-12 Norman Northstars MMHL 44 16 21 37 62 | Playoffs 5 3 2 5 26  
 12-13 Norman Northstars MMHL 44 27 19 46 68 | Playoffs 5 1 2 3 6  
 13-14 Swan Valley Stampeders MJHL 40 1 3 4 35 | Playoffs 6 0 0 0 0  

Kings End Pre Season With Three Straight Wins

September 10, 2014


The Dauphin Kings scored three goals in the third period en route to a 4-2 victory over the Swan Valley Stampeders.

The win was Dauphin’s third straight, a nice way to end the MJHL Pre Season, they finish it with a record of 3-1.

It was a treat of a night for the D.Bredahl, R.Freed and L.Plett line, the three combined for seven points. Bredahl had three tallies while Plett finished off a nice passing play between the trio.

In goal Connor Shaw and Riley Corbin split the time. Shaw stopped 15 of 16 shots while Corbin turned aside 10 of 11. In the end it was Swan Valley outshooting Dauphin 27-25.

Power Plays saw the Kings finish the night for 3 while the Stampeders were 1 for 3 on the man advantage.

Now the decision making begins for the Kings. They have just over a week off before their home opener on Friday September 19th. They’ll open up against the Swan Valley Stampeders.

Follow my blog all week for info on the decisions ahead and more.

Below is an interview with Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray on tonight’s game…



Scoring Summary (Actual Game Sheet)

First Period

6:45 – Dauphin Goal – Dylan Bredahl from Mathieu Lapointe and Chance Thomas

Second Period

3:31 - Swan Valley Goal (PP) – Gavin Froese from Jesse Lawrence and Cody Ellingson

Third Period

4:26 – Swan Valley Goal – Carter Johnson from Tristan Mullin
6:42 - Dauphin Goal - Dylan Bredahl from Landon Plett
14:05 – Dauphin Goal – Landon Plett form Rylan Freed and Dylan Bredahl
19:34 – Dauphin Goal (EN) – Dylan Bredahl (Unassisted)



Kings Lineup @ Swan (EX) (Sept 10)

September 10, 2014

The Dauphin Kings are in Swan River this evening to take on the Swan Valley Stampeders at 7:30pm.

Follow me on twitter for updates from tonight’s contest (@ChristianCKDM)!



Connor Shaw (Starting)
Riley Corbin


Brendan Dusik
Lucas Nagel
Riley Thiessen
Hayden Pierce
Taran Lacquette
Kyle Bird


Travis Kilbrei
Drake Bodie
Tyler Garrioch
Landon Plett
Rylan Freed
Dylan Bredahl
Mathieu Lapointe
Chance Thomas
Ryan Edevold
Connor McCallum
Aaron Azevedo
Mack Little


Final Audition

September 10, 2014


It’s the last chance for the Dauphin Kings to make an impression as their MJHL Pre Season schedule concludes tonight in Swan River against the Swan Valley Stampeders.

After starting out the exhibition campaign with a loss the Kings have fired back two straight wins. Yes, I know these games don’t matter but winning now will breed success down the road. Then again if you’ve followed the Kings for the past few seasons you know they haven’t really had great success early on and gone on to do impressive thing. So really what I’m writing in this paragraph is kinda pointless but I figured I’d mention it anyways!

Swan Valley meanwhile is 3-0 in the pre season and yes they did beat the Kings 4-1 last time they met, so I guess there is some incentive there for Dauphin to play well tonight. Then again there should always be incentive to play well in the pre season.

Opening face off tonight from Swan River is 7:30pm. Yes, I’ll be with the Kings and once again I’ll be offering free updates via twitter (@ChristianCKDM)! Also, check back here later this evening (Around 5-5:30pm) for tonight’s roster. 

Remember, the Dauphin Kings open the 2014-15 Regular Season on Friday September 19th when they entertain the Swan Valley Stampeders at Credit Union Place (7:00pm). The afternoon will be the first One Hour Power Play Show of the season. It’ll be live from rink and I’ll have lots of news and interviews to set up the year. I’ll have a preview for it next week so keep checking back!

Five Unanswered

September 7, 2014


After falling behind 2-0 in the first half of their third pre season game the Dauphin Kings bounced back with five straight goals to beat the Neepawa Natives 5-2 on the road.

It was almost as if once the 10 minute mark of the second period hit, the Kings hit their “go level” and took off.

Chance Thomas got things going for the Kings. Dauphin had five different scorers on the evening, which is a nice sign. Others were Mathieu Lapointe, Stephen MacKenzie, Riley Thiessen and Kyle Bird.

Francis Marotte and Troy Matyniuk were the goalies for Dauphin Sunday. Marotte let in the two Neepawa goals but made some key saves. Martyniuk was Marty, made saves and just looked solid.

Special Teams had Dauphin finishing 2 for 4 on the Power Play and 2 for 3 on the Penalty Kill. Final shots had the Kings come out on top 35-21.

The Kings conclude their exhibition season on Wednesday when they visit the Swan Valley Stampeders (7:30pm).

Here’s an interview with Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray on Sunday’s tilt.

Treats below…



Solid Chance

Bird Is The Word



Scoring Summary

Starting Goalies

Marotte (DAU)
Stallard (NEE)

First Period

7:08 – Neepawa Goal – Riley Hillis from Vin Currao

Not Reported

Power Plays:
DAU 0/0
NEE 0/0

Second Period

8:02 – Neepawa Goal (PP) – Kyle McDonald from Cody Wilcocks and Henry Berger
10:46 – Dauphin Goal (PP) – Chance Thomas from Mathieu Lapointe and Ty Moffat
12:49 – Dauphin Goal – Mathieu Lapointe from Chance Thomas
17:21 – Dauphin Goal – Stephen MacKenzie from Taran Lacquette

Not Reported

Power Plays:
DAU 1/2
NEE 1/1

Third Period

6:39 – Dauphin Goal – Riley Thiessen (Unassisted)
14:29 – Dauphin Goal (PP) – Kyle Bird from Drake Bodie and Taran Lacquette

Total Shots (Game sheet):
DAU 35
NEE 21

Power Plays:
DAU 1/2
NEE 0/2
DAU 2/4
NEE 1/3