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Dauphin Kings Camp Day 3 (Evening Games)

August 30, 2014


Dauphin Kings Camp concluded Saturday evening with two games for the four teams at Credit Union Place.

Here’s what happened plus a whole lot more, including cuts, an interview with Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray and more…


Team White (6) vs. Team Black (3)

Team White Goal Scorers

M.Lapointe (2)
C.Thomas (1)
D.Gulay (1)
T.Slobogian (1)
B.Kruk (1)

Team Black Goal Scorers

D.Chartrand (1)
R.Nykyforak (1)
B.Arnold (1)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: F- M.Lapointe (2 Goals)
★★: F- D.Chartrand (1 Goal)
★★★: G- R.Corbin (3GA in 60MP)



Team Green (6) vs. Team Red (5)

Team Green Goal Scorers

M.Greening (2)
L.Plett (1)
N.Martens (1)
S.MacKenzie (1)
T.Derkach (1)

Team Red Goal Scorers

C.McCallum (1)
R.Edevold (1)
G.Hore (1)
T.Kilbrea (1)
A.Dufresne (1)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of The Game

: F- M.Greening (2 Goals)
★★: F- L.Plett (1 Goal)
★★★: F- N.Martens (1 Goal)


Top 5 Camp Goal Scorers

T1. C.Thomas (6)
T1. M.Greening (6)
T3. C.McCallum (5)
T3. S.MacKenzie (5)
T5. M.Lapointe (4)
T5. R.Freed (4)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars Of Kings Camp

: F- C.Thomas (6 Goals)
★★: G- R.Corbin (11GA in 240MP)
★★★: F- M.Greening (6 Goals)


Final Camp Thoughts:

You’ll hear this in a moment, but overall I thought the local players at Dauphin Kings Camp showed well. The future is bright for not only the Kings right now, but the Parkland Rangers in the Manitoba AAA Midget Hockey League. Players like Matthew Greening, Tyler Derkach, Branden Storey, Daniel Chartrand, Bradee Prokopchuk and more will have good seasons and it will benefit both themselves and the Kings down the road. Four goalies remain right now and all are solid for the Kings, each will get half of the club’s JoFo Cup on Sunday. Troy Martyniuk, Connor Shaw, Riley Corbin and Francis Marotte stand between the pipes for Dauphin. On D I liked a few players and that, in my opinion, is where Dauphin has the toughest decisions to make. I enjoyed watching the big and strong Ben Hull play during the weekend. I also thought local product Taran Lacquette looked good. Lots played well on the back end, and the same can be said for the forwards.

Here’s Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray with his thoughts on the weekend so far…

Kings First Cuts – Age

Riley Bannerman – 16
Brady Gordon – 16
Mathew Radomsky – 16
Joshua Hinderliter – 18
Keenan Allard – 18
Tyler Findlay – 18
Mitch Lyall – 17
Alec Masse – 17
Jeremy Thomas – 16
Andrew Liwiski – 15
Brendan Bogoslowski – 15
Samuel Krushel – 15
Taz McKay – 15
Deric Gulay – 17
Dylan Kulbaba – 16
Brendan Kochanski – 16
Brendan Kruk – 16
Tyler Slobogian – 16
Dylan Ushkowski – 16
Brendan Arnold – 15
Jaden Townsend – 15
Riese Gaber – 15
Brady Smelski – 15
Adam Dufresne – 15

(24 Total)


I will post the JoFo Cup (intrasquad) lineups tomorrow evening, a few hours before the game. Thanks for following!


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  1. Jennifer Radomsky permalink
    September 24, 2014 6:19 pm

    Matthew Radomsky is 15 years old, not 16 as you have listed.
    (Just so you know!) 😮

    • September 24, 2014 6:37 pm

      Sorry. I went by what they had on the sheets. Thanks! :)

      • Jennifer Radomsky permalink
        September 26, 2014 2:26 am

        No prob! 😃

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