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Kings Spring Camp Wrap

April 12, 2015


Dauphin Kings Spring Camp concluded Sunday afternoon at the Rotary Arena in town.

You’ll hear it in the interview below in a moment, but overall I thought it was a very successful weekend especially considering the event was in the Rotary which is a smaller rink. It actually seemed like it was the perfect size. In Credit Union Place dressing rooms are much more spread out and it’s a little harder for players to get the attention they need. In the Rotary all dressing rooms are within 50 feet of each other or less. I guess you could say, from a spectator point of view, the Rotary Arena is much colder than Credit Union Place. However that works out better for the players with the ice being much harder and better to skate on. So there are positives and negatives from the Kings holding Spring Camp in the Rotary Arena, but I’d say things went very well from talking to parents and players.

From a hockey point of view all the games were fun to watch. There were a few shenanigans here and there but for the most part games were competitive. As expected the 17 and 18 year olds were some of the best players over the weekend, and a good amount were from the Parkland Rangers. Which is a nice sign for local products.

Below is an interview on Spring Camp with Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray. We begin with the success of the event…

Stay tuned, later on will be three FREE videos as the GoPro was in action this weekend…

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