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Kings Add New Assistant Coach

August 11, 2015


The Dauphin Kings have hired a new Assistant Coach and it’s a familiar face to people who have been following the team recently.

Cody Nelson will join the club as the team’s second Assistant Coach.

It’s the first time the Kings will go back to a three man coaching system since Bruce Helgeson left the club after the 2012-13 season.

To me this addition was going to happen eventually. You’ll hear more on why in the interview, but going back to the 2014 RBC Cup in Vernon BC I remember the first day, which was picture day. Every team at the five team tournament had anywhere from five to ten staff members on the ice for their team pictures. Then there were the Dauphin Kings, who had two coaches and a trainer. To this day there are still chuckles about it. Even at the tournament the Hockey Canada reps would joke about the fact that the front of the Kings picture had just three staff members.


I can speak from first hand that this addition of Nelson is a good one for the Kings. Last year Nelson was very respected by the players in the dressing room. Keep in mind that most of the players on Dauphin last year were very young, ranging from 17 to 19 years old. There were only two other 20 year olds on the club. So Nelson will be looked at more as an older brother, rather than a former teammate.

Here’s another FREE interview with Kings Head Coach and GM Marlin Murray on bringing in Nelson…

Below is the article from the Dauphin Kings…


The Dauphin Kings are pleased to announce that former Captain Cody Nelson will be joining their coaching staff for the 2015-2016 season. Nelson, a Brandon, Mb native served as Captain for the pride last season.

Gm and Head coach Marlin Murray discusses the process of bringing “Nelly” on board,

“In closing out meetings last season we discussed the possibility for it to happen.  However, there were a few things that didn’t line up as we went forward with it.  So we thought it was dead issue.  However, in mid-July Cody contacted us about it again and we worked hard to make this work.  First and foremost, he is a really good kid.  He will provide energy and emotion on a day to day basis.  His youthful character will be good for us old dogs here!  It’s always good having another set of eyes and ears around the hockey club.”

The Kings have been going with a two man coaching system since Steve Bray re- located and Bruce Helgeson parted ways a couple years ago. They do have goaltending coach Joe Caliguri, a Kings alumni helping out in part-time capacity.  Caliguiri is taking Law at University of Manitoba and is available to the club when his busy schooling schedule allows it.

It’s a big job and a lot of responsible for two coaches to run the operation of a Junior A club on a day to day basis. Especially as both coaches Berry (Asst. GM, Director of Marketing) and Murray (GM) have dual roles with the club.  Murray echoes that with a grin “Yeah, there are some long days for sure. Some people wouldn’t likely understand how many hours we put in and the dedication that comes with it. We were joking about it at the RBC CUP 2014 in Vernon, BC when we did our team picture!  We had three chairs on the ice for our staff (which included a trainer chair) where most teams had six seven or eight chairs!”

Murray also states that the age shouldn’t be a factor in any negative fashion while Nelson accompanies Berry and Murray along the bench. “Is he young? Yes!  But he is a mature young man.  We will put him in roles in which he will be confident with.  He understands the MJHL while having four years of playing service in it.  He’s wore leadership letters, he’s won a championship.

For this to work Nelson had to find employment elsewhere in the “city of sunshine” that was able to work hand in hand with the busy schedule the Kings have.  Nelson will be employed at Parkland Source for Sports, a long time sponsor of the Dauphin Kings. “Dave and I sat down and made sure both parties would be happy with the hours lining up for each group.  Without Cody working with another business in town it wouldn’t have been possible.  Timing was good for everyone! “, stated Murray.

Nelson is thrilled as well as proud to be joining the Kings family as a coach, “It’s a great city to play junior hockey.  Marlin and Marc do an incredible job preparing players, communicating with players and giving players a great junior “A” opportunity.  I’m anxious and excited to be joining them and helping them in any way I can to better the club.”

Put on your whistle Cody, welcome back to Dauphin!


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