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Kings Camp 2015 – Day 2 Recap

September 4, 2015


(Updated @ 9:30pm)

Day two of Dauphin Kings Camp saw players hit the ice for their first sessions of the weekend.


For the full schedule for Kings Camp this weekend… CLICK HERE!!!

Out there first today were the young guns. Here’s how it went!




1st Period


2nd Period

TEAM RED – Townsend (Unassisted)
TEAM RED – Hughes from Ushkowski

3rd Period

TEAM GREEN – R.Redekopp from Liwiski
TEAM RED – G.Hobbs (Unassisted)
TEAM RED – Neepinak (Unassisted)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars

3. (G) Mason Rody
2. (G) Duncan McGovern
1. (F – RED) Jaden Townsend (1G + Several chances)

(NOTE: Goalies rotate nets/played two periods)

Quick Summary

Overall first game was a pretty good pace with solid goaltending on both sides. Forwards Jaden Townsend (RED), Bradyn Smelski (GREEN) and Riese Gaber (GREEN) had the best chances. Next Young Guns game at 5:00pm.


RISE & ROAR GAME 1 (Older Kids)



1st Period

TEAM WHITE – D.Chartrand (Unassisted)
TEAM WHITE – M.Greening from D.Chartrand
TEAM WHITE – M.Greening (Unassisted)
TEAM WHITE – C.Thomas from D.Bodie

2nd Period

TEAM BLACK – T.Kilbrei from Z.Boyle
TEAM BLACK – S.Sisco (Unassisted)
TEAM BLACK – R.Davidson (Unassisted)

3rd Period

TEAM BLACK – T.Wicks (Unassisted)
TEAM WHITE – D.Bodie (Unassisted)
TEAM WHITE – Romano Morrison (Unassisted)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars

3. (F – WHITE) Daniel Chartrand (1G, 1A)
2. (G) Connor Shaw (Only 2GA in 40 mins)
1. (F – WHITE) Mathew Greening (2G)

(NOTE: Goalies rotate nets/played two periods)

Quick Summary

Lots of intensity early on, seemed to fade a little later on in the contest. You can definitely see that players know not many spots are available. Matthew Greening (WHITE), Daniel Chartrand (WHITE), Rory Davidson (BLACK) were some of the top forwards in the game while to me Kyle Bird (WHITE), Lucas Nagel (WHITE) and Brandon Young (BLACK) stood out on defence. Should be an interesting contest later tonight at 7:30pm.













1st Period

TEAM RED – J.Townsend (Unassisted)
TEAM GREEN – R.Gaber (Unassisted)
TEAM GREEN – Lynden McCallum (Unassisted)

2nd Period

TEAM GREEN – D.Gisti from R.Gaber
TEAM GREEN – B.Prokopchuk (Unassisted)
TEAM GREEN – K.Oleksiuk (Unassisted)

3rd Period

TEAM GREEN – K.Oleksiuk from E.Gullett
TEAM RED – J.Knee (Unassisted)
TEAM GREEN – R.Gaber from K.Oleksiuk
TEAM GREEN – B.Arnold from B.Prokopchuk
TEAM GREEN – R.Gaber (Unassisted)
TEAM GREEN – D.Gisti (Unassisted)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars

3. (D – GREEN) D.Gisti (2G)
2. (F – GREEN) K.Oleksiuk (2G, 1A)
1. (F – GREEN) R.Gaber (3G,1A)

(NOTE: Goalies rotate nets/played two periods)

Quick Summary

A much different type game than earlier in the morning. Green capitalized on their chances much more unlike the first game where goalies stood tall. Standouts included Riese Gaber (GREEN) who had a pretty neat third goal on the toe drag. The line of Braydee Prokopchuk, Brendan Arnold and Brendan Kochanski looked solid for Green. Next Young Guns game is tomorrow at 12:30pm


RISE & ROAR GAME 2 (Older Kids)



1st Period

TEAM BLACK – Z.Boyle (Unassisted)

2nd Period

TEAM WHITE – C.Thomas from M.Greening
TEAM BLACK – T.Garrioch from H.Pierce
TEAM BLACK – S.Houle from R.Davidson & T.Garrioch
TEAM BLACK – D.Lavergne from L.Plett

3rd Period

TEAM WHITE – K.Bird from L.MacLellan
TEAM WHITE – R.Morrison from C.Thomas & M.Greening
TEAM WHITE – K.Lycar from D.Bodie & L.MacLellan
TEAM WHITE – D.Chartrand (Unassisted)

Uncle Christian’s 3 Stars

3. (F – WHITE) Lindsay MacLellan (2A)
2. (F – WHITE) Chance Thomas (1G,1A)
1. (F – WHITE) Daniel Chartrand (GWG)

(NOTE: Goalies rotate nets/played two periods)

Quick Summary

Maybe not as intense as the earlier game but for sure had just as much strong pace and some good plays. The line of Matthew Greening, Chance Thomas and Romano Morrison continues to stand out for White. On the other shite Tyler Garrioch, Rory Davidson and Shaq Houle played well for Black. The older kids are first on the ice tomorrow, the quick turnaround has them out a 10am.

FIGHT: Kyle Bird vs. Shaq Houle


Will have more updates tomorrow! Good night from the rink…

Kings Camp 2015 – Day 1 Recap

September 3, 2015

The Dauphin Kings wrapped up the fitness portion of their camp this afternoon at Credit Union Place with a number of tests including the two mile run.

Here are the top five times from the run:

1st. Daniel Chartrand – 12:25
2nd. Jackson Robinson – 13:00
3rd. Graeme Hore – 13:02
4th. Rory Davidson – 13:07
5th. Braydee Prokopchuk – 13:12

The team will have a get together this evening at the rink, after that on ice sessions begin tomorrow morning.

Here is the schedule for the next couple days:


Young Guns Game – 10:00am
Rise & Roar (Older Kids) – 12:30pm
Goalie Session – 3:30pm
Young Guns Game – 5:00pm
Rise & Roar (Older Kids) – 7:30pm


Rise & Roar – 10:00am
Young Guns – 12:30pm
FIRST CUTS – 2:00pm
Rise & Roar – 5:00pm
Young Guns – 7:30pm
SECOND CUTS – 9:30pm


Morning Skates – 10am to 11:30am
JoFo Cup Intrasquad Game – 7:00pm

Dauphin Kings Camp Fires Up This Weekend

September 2, 2015


So it begins, another journey from late summer to early spring for the Dauphin Kings and the Manitoba Junior Hockey League. Some clubs in the league have already started and finished their camps and are into exhibition games. Some, like the Kings, are just getting started.

Twelve months ago there was some uncertainty as to what a club coming off hosting the Western Canada Cup and gaining an RBC Cup appearance would look like. Twelve months later times have changed and the Kings go into this year’s fall camp with the potential of being a top five team in the MJHL. There will be plenty of time to preview the regular season, so we’ll leave that for after camp and the exhibition campaign.

For now it’s time to preview a fall camp which should be one of the most competitive for the Kings. Dauphin has oodles of D-men and loads of forwards. One position that the Kings, at least for the start of camp, look solidified in is goaltending. Connor Shaw (19) and Troy Martyniuk (18) return to the team this year and could be a 1A/1B tandem depending on how things go throughout the year. However, don’t forget, things can change in the blink of an eye. This year Dauphin is expecting right around 70 kids coming to camp, which is above normal for sure. I have more on how competitive camp will be with Kings Head Coach and GM Marlin Murray below!

“The List”


(Current age in brackets – Local players in Italics)


Connor Shaw (19)
Troy Martyniuk (18)


Kyle Bird (20)
Taran Lacquette (19)
Riley Thiessen (19)
Hayden Pierce (19)
Lucas Nagel (19)


Drake Bodie (20)
Tyler Garrioch (20)
Chance Thomas (20)
Landon Plett (19)
Graeme Hore (18)
Kirklan Lycar (18)
Travis Kilbrei (18)
Daniel Chartrand (18)
Matthew Greening (18)
Tyler Derkach (18)





Jackson Robinson (20)
Sam Schultz (19)
Tyler Wicks (19)
Brandon Young (19)
Andrew Bayduza (18)


Rory Davidson (20)
Romano Morrison (20)
Dejon Marsh (20)
Lindsay MacLellan (19)
Zac Boyle (19)
Stephen Sisco (19)
Jordan Weir (19)
Dominik Lavergne (18)
Arthur Miller (18)



Riley Bannerman (17)
Matthew Radomsky (16)
Duncan McGovern (15)


Branden Storey (17)
Braeden Redekopp-Kulchyski (17)
Andrew Liwiski (16)
Samuel Krushel (16)
Brendan Bogoslowski (15)
Evan Gullett (15)
Vincent Hughes (15)

Alec Borger (15)
Ryder Richmond (15)


Braydee Prokopchuk (17)
Brendan Kochanski (17)
Quin Hobbs (17)
Jaden Townsend (16)
Riese Gaber (16)
Bradyn Smelski (16)
Brendan Arnold (16)
Ben Kirton (16)
Grady Hobbs (15)
Kyle Oleksiuk (15)
Lynden McCallum (15)
Tanyon Koshowski (15)
Jaymes Knee (15)
Reece Hopfner (15)



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Here’s Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray on camp this weekend…


Camp Schedule

I will post the camp schedule (Times etc) Friday morning on this blog.


The Dauphin Kings Intrasquad Game, also known as the JoFo Cup (Brought to you by Parkland Source for Sports), goes Sunday night at 7pm. The contest is FREE to attend.


730 CKDM Announces 27 Game Broadcast Schedule

August 27, 2015


730 CKDM announced Thursday that 27 regular season Dauphin Kings games will be broadcast LIVE during the 2015-16 MJHL campaign. The schedule is the biggest one in recent years and will see 730 CKDM broadcast at least once in every Manitoba Junior Hockey League arena.

As usual the Pre Game Shows before every contest will take place 15 minutes before puck drop. Also returning is the One Hour Power Play Show, with 11 Friday dates. The full Power Play Schedule should be released in the coming days. When it’s released you’ll be able to find it on The Schedule page. 

DID YOU KNOW: All broadcasts & Power Play shows are 100% FREE to listen to!

Check back next week for more on the Kings and their upcoming fall camp.


Saturday Sept. 26 – Dauphin Kings @ Neepawa Natives – 7:30pm
Tuesday Sept. 29 – Dauphin Kings @ Wayway Wolverines – 7:30pm
Saturday Oct. 3 – (SHOWCASE in WPG) Dauphin Kings vs. Winnipeg Blues – 6:00pm
Friday Oct. 9 – Dauphin Kings @ Selkirk Steelers – 7:30pm
Friday Oct. 23 – Dauphin Kings @ Neepawa Natives – 7:30pm
Wednesday Nov. 4 – Dauphin Kings @ Portage Terriers – 7:30pm
Saturday Nov. 7 – Dauphin Kings @ Neepawa Natives – 7:30pm
Friday Nov. 13 – Dauphin Kings @ Winkler Flyers – 7:30pm
Sunday Nov. 15 – Dauphin Kings @ Winnipeg Blues – 6:30pm
Saturday Nov. 21 – Dauphin Kings @ OCN Blizzard – 7:00pm
Wednesday Nov. 25 – Dauphin Kings @ Virden Oil Capitals – 7:30pm
Wednesday Dec. 2 – Dauphin Kings @ Portage Terriers – 7:30pm
Wednesday Dec. 9 – Dauphin Kings @ Swan Valley Stampeders – 7:30pm
Saturday Dec. 19 – Dauphin Kings @ Virden Oil Capitals – 7:30pm
Thursday Jan. 7 – Dauphin Kings @ Winnipeg Blues – 7:00pm
Friday Jan. 8 – Dauphin Kings @ Selkirk Steelers – 7:30pm
Friday Jan. 15 – Dauphin Kings @ Winkler Flyers – 7:30pm
Saturday Jan. 16 – Dauphin Kings @ Steinbach Pistons – 7:30pm
Sunday Jan. 17 – Dauphin Kings @ Steinbach Pistons – 7:00pm
Tuesday Jan. 26 – Dauphin Kings @ Swan Valley Stampeders – 7:30pm
Tuesday Feb. 2 – Dauphin Kings @ Virden Oil Capitals – 7:30pm
Friday Feb. 12 – Dauphin Kings @ Steinbach Pistons – 7:30pm
Saturday Feb. 13 – Dauphin Kings @ Winkler Flyers – 7:30pm
Sunday Feb. 14 – Dauphin Kings @ Portage Terriers – 6:30pm
Wednesday Feb. 24 – Dauphin Kings @ Swan Valley Stampeders – 7:30pm
Tuesday Mar. 1 – Dauphin Kings @ OCN Blizzard – 7:00pm
Wednesday Mar. 2 – Dauphin Kings @ OCN Blizzard – 7:00pm

Kings Add New Assistant Coach

August 11, 2015


The Dauphin Kings have hired a new Assistant Coach and it’s a familiar face to people who have been following the team recently.

Cody Nelson will join the club as the team’s second Assistant Coach.

It’s the first time the Kings will go back to a three man coaching system since Bruce Helgeson left the club after the 2012-13 season.

To me this addition was going to happen eventually. You’ll hear more on why in the interview, but going back to the 2014 RBC Cup in Vernon BC I remember the first day, which was picture day. Every team at the five team tournament had anywhere from five to ten staff members on the ice for their team pictures. Then there were the Dauphin Kings, who had two coaches and a trainer. To this day there are still chuckles about it. Even at the tournament the Hockey Canada reps would joke about the fact that the front of the Kings picture had just three staff members.


I can speak from first hand that this addition of Nelson is a good one for the Kings. Last year Nelson was very respected by the players in the dressing room. Keep in mind that most of the players on Dauphin last year were very young, ranging from 17 to 19 years old. There were only two other 20 year olds on the club. So Nelson will be looked at more as an older brother, rather than a former teammate.

Here’s another FREE interview with Kings Head Coach and GM Marlin Murray on bringing in Nelson…

Below is the article from the Dauphin Kings…


The Dauphin Kings are pleased to announce that former Captain Cody Nelson will be joining their coaching staff for the 2015-2016 season. Nelson, a Brandon, Mb native served as Captain for the pride last season.

Gm and Head coach Marlin Murray discusses the process of bringing “Nelly” on board,

“In closing out meetings last season we discussed the possibility for it to happen.  However, there were a few things that didn’t line up as we went forward with it.  So we thought it was dead issue.  However, in mid-July Cody contacted us about it again and we worked hard to make this work.  First and foremost, he is a really good kid.  He will provide energy and emotion on a day to day basis.  His youthful character will be good for us old dogs here!  It’s always good having another set of eyes and ears around the hockey club.”

The Kings have been going with a two man coaching system since Steve Bray re- located and Bruce Helgeson parted ways a couple years ago. They do have goaltending coach Joe Caliguri, a Kings alumni helping out in part-time capacity.  Caliguiri is taking Law at University of Manitoba and is available to the club when his busy schooling schedule allows it.

It’s a big job and a lot of responsible for two coaches to run the operation of a Junior A club on a day to day basis. Especially as both coaches Berry (Asst. GM, Director of Marketing) and Murray (GM) have dual roles with the club.  Murray echoes that with a grin “Yeah, there are some long days for sure. Some people wouldn’t likely understand how many hours we put in and the dedication that comes with it. We were joking about it at the RBC CUP 2014 in Vernon, BC when we did our team picture!  We had three chairs on the ice for our staff (which included a trainer chair) where most teams had six seven or eight chairs!”

Murray also states that the age shouldn’t be a factor in any negative fashion while Nelson accompanies Berry and Murray along the bench. “Is he young? Yes!  But he is a mature young man.  We will put him in roles in which he will be confident with.  He understands the MJHL while having four years of playing service in it.  He’s wore leadership letters, he’s won a championship.

For this to work Nelson had to find employment elsewhere in the “city of sunshine” that was able to work hand in hand with the busy schedule the Kings have.  Nelson will be employed at Parkland Source for Sports, a long time sponsor of the Dauphin Kings. “Dave and I sat down and made sure both parties would be happy with the hours lining up for each group.  Without Cody working with another business in town it wouldn’t have been possible.  Timing was good for everyone! “, stated Murray.

Nelson is thrilled as well as proud to be joining the Kings family as a coach, “It’s a great city to play junior hockey.  Marlin and Marc do an incredible job preparing players, communicating with players and giving players a great junior “A” opportunity.  I’m anxious and excited to be joining them and helping them in any way I can to better the club.”

Put on your whistle Cody, welcome back to Dauphin!


Kings Move Bredahl & Lapointe, Gain More Bodies For Camp

August 6, 2015


Dauphin Kings Fall Camp is looking more and more like it will be one of the most competitive in years after the club announced two more net acquisitions Thursday afternoon. They also moved two players from last year’s squad. In total six players are in the news today!

After the MJHL announced Dauphin had made a trade (August 6th – 9:47am –  The Dauphin Kings have acquired D-man Jackson Robinson (95) from Kirkland Lake Gold Miners of the NOJHL for future considerations), the Kings announced two other additions. Below is Robinson who spent some time with the Steinbach Pistons. He’s another big player, standing at 6’1, 185 pounds.



Along with Robinson the Kings have recruited 6’5, 190 pound forward Dominik Lavergne (97) from Ottawa. Lavergne played one contest with the RBC Cup runner up Carleton Place Canadians last season, he spent most of the year with Ottawa West Golden Knights in the Eastern Ontario Junior Hockey League.



Finally, the Kings bring in another 20 year old in forward Dejon Marsh who comes to Dauphin from Colorado. Ironically enough (You’ll hear more in the interview below) Marsh skates with former King Ben Hull in the off season and Hull told Marsh about Dauphin and connection was made.



Kings Head Coach and General Manager Marlin Murray talks about the three transactions above, but first touches on a busy Thursday afternoon…

Here’s the article from the three moves via the Dauphin Kings…


In less than a month, the Dauphin Kings staff and scouts will have their work cut out for them at this year’s Main Camp.  The Dauphin Kings are looking to rebound this season after an “average” year last season.  Kings Gm and Head coach comments on a busy summer, “We were fairly active.  A couple of trades, a lot of recruitment and we are happy with the additions we have added.  It should be a very competitive camp.”The Kings recent additions see the Kings add more size to their lineup.  “Last year we were easy to play against most nights.  In many nights we were the less aggressive and undersized hockey club and it’s tough to win in the MJHL when you get off the bus and realize it’s an uphill battle right from the start.  Size is one thing, but you have to be able to play the game as well”, comments Murray.

The Kings have recruited 6’5, 190 pound forward Dominik Lavergne from Ottawa, Ont.  Lavergne will bring a team oriented attitude to the Kings as well as his big frame.  “Dom is an interesting piece for an eighteen year old.  He wants to win and get better daily.  For a big kid he has good hands and will put the puck in the net as well”, Murray.  Lavergne spent most of last season playing Junior B as a seventeen year old and also had a couple of call ups from the power house Carleton Place Canadians who have finished runner up at the RBC Cup in back to back seasons.

Also on the recruitment list is twenty year old Dejon Marsh.  Marsh, a 5’9, 185 pound forward will be admired by his work ethic and hard to play against demeanor .Last year he played for the Connecticut Oilers who won a Championship in the EHL.  Marsh is a versatile forward that can play all three positions but prefers right wing being a right handed shot.  The Thornton, Colorado native is known for his work ethic and two way style. “Dejon can play in a lot of situations.  He looks after his own end very well and attacks on the offense side with his excellent shot”, states Murray.

Also, the Kings acquired Defenceman Jackson Robinson from the Kirkland Lake Miners for future considerations.  Robinson, 20, will be no stranger to the MJHL.  Robinson spent time with the Steinbach Pistons last season before being moved to Kirkland Lake because of an abundance of talent on the Pistons blue line.  The 6’3 202 pound right defenceman will give the Kings some depth on the back end.  “I reached out to Paul Dyck (GM and HC of the Steinbach Pistons) and asked about him.  Paul said he was a very good kid, committed, and extremely hard working.  We feel he will give us size back there and help kill penalties.” – Murray.

The Kings have another “significant move” to announce later today or tomorrow.  After that move Murray states he doesn’t see the team making any more moves before camp, “As of now, we are happy where we are at and the additions that we have made.  We feel we added some speed, size and skill over the summer months.  The character and commitment of these players will be big for us.  You mix that into the equation with the young local talent we have upcoming and it’s an exciting time for our club.  We’ll see how it all plays out!”

Dauphin Kings Main camp will be held at the Credit Union Place Sept 3-6.  The JOFO Cup intra-squad game will be Sunday Sept 6th at 7:00 pm.


Lapointe & Bredahl Out


Also on Thursday the Kings moved two of their top scorers last season in Dylan Bredahl and Mathieu Lapointe.

Although, from a numbers standpoint, it is a tough loss for the Kings. The move makes room for other players coming into the picture, like locals Greening, Derkach and Chartrand.

August 6th – 1:10pm – The Dauphin Kings have traded forwards Mathieu Lapointe (96) and Dylan Bredahl (95) to the Amherst Ramblers of MHL for forward Stephen Sisco (96) & future considerations.

Coming to the Kings is another 19 year old in Stephen Sisco who spent last year in Amherst and St. Stephen County where he racked up 18 points in 40 contests. Sisco is yet another big player the Kings have added to their mix this summer. Their average height is now over six feet and makes them much more tough to play against.



Here’s Marlin Murray on the trade, and a few other items. We start with the player coming to Dauphin…

Backlog Of Kings Transactions Announced

July 29, 2015


The Dauphin Kings were finally able to announce a number of transactions today after patiently waiting for the last couple of weeks.

The reason for the delay was MJHL Commissioner Kim Davis was on holidays so no moves could be approved, but now that he has returned deals across the league can be announced.

It’s actually been more than a month since my last post on here! However, there’s no need to worry, things will be heating up with just over a month until Kings Fall Camp opens at Credit Union Place. In fact I believe the ice is beginning to go in this week. I’ll post pictures on Twitter when I get a chance!

Also, 730 CKDM will release the 2015-16 Broadcast Schedule in the coming days. It may be a bit delayed because, as some of you may know, 730 CKDM is moving into a new state of the art building and moving is a top priority. The station expects to be in the building sometime in the next two months (August or September).




July 29th – 3:30pm The Dauphin Kings have acquired the CJHL playing rights of forward Romano Morrison (95) from the Whitecourt Wolverines of the AJHL for future considerations.



This move is one the Kings have made a couple times this off season. One that brings in a player that knows what he’s doing and can help the younger guys along the way. Romano Morrison joins a number of other 20 year olds with loads of experience. He’s racked up over 100 games in the Alberta Junior Hockey League and I’m told he’s also friends with current King Chance Thomas. I expect Morrison will have the same type role as Rory Davidson who was acquired earlier this summer. Dauphin will look for him to make an immediate impact and possibly slip into a top six role.





Boyle is another 19 year old the Kings will add to their fall camp roster. The picture above doesn’t state it, but Boyle is 6’02, 190lbs. Dauphin will no doubt be a young team again this season, but all their young players are very skilled and it will be one of a few interesting battles to watch at camp. According to my numbers, the Kings have over ten 18 year olds set to attend camp. Boyle will turn 19 in September. 




Brandon Young

Some Stats: HERE

Another fun battle to watch at camp will be on the Kings blue line. Currently Dauphin has numerous D-men, most of which are 19 years of age. You can add another 19 year old to the mix in Brandon Young. Young joins the club with leadership and scoring ability.

Below you’ll read “Brandon Young hails from Twin Lakes, MI. He’s a 6.04, 190 lb defenceman that spent last season with the Reeths-Puffer Varsity team in Michigan High School League. In 27 games last season, Young had an impressive 48 points including 18 goals, in 27 games leading the team in scoring. The senior defenceman and team captain became the first player in Reeth-Puffer Rocket history to earn Dream Team Honours as selected by the Michigan High School Hockey Coaches Association. Young was also named the Muskegon Chronicle’s MLive Player of the Year for Hockey (READ ARTICLE HERE). The big defenceman was heavily recruited this off season but in the end chose to come to the city of sunshine.”


Here’s the release from the Kings…

The Kings have committed  to players 1996 Forward Zac Boyle and 1996 defenceman Brandon Young.  Kings also added 1995 forward Ramano Morrison from Whitecourt wolverines for future considerations.

Zac Boyle hails from Wichita, Kansas and was born in Montreal, Quebec.. The 6.02, 190 lb forward spent last season in Florida playing in the USPHL Elite League with the Florida Eels. In 40 games last season as an 18 year old, Boyle put up 32 points including 13 goals. He went on to add another two goals in three playoff games.

“Zac has a good frame and moves well for his size.” said Kings Assistant Coach Marc Berry. “He had very good numbers last season down south and his game should translate well to the MJHL. Zac will add size and some offensive punch to our forward group, areas we felt needed some help.”

Brandon Young hails from Twin Lakes, MI. Young is a 6.04, 190 lb defenceman that spent last season with the Reeths-Puffer Varsity team in Michigan Highschool League. In 27 games last season, Young had an impressive 48 points including 18 goals, in 27 games leading the team in scoring. The senior defenceman and team captain became the first player in Reeth-Puffer Rocket history to earn Dream Team Honours as selected by the Michigan High School Hockey Coaches Association. Young was also named the Muskegon Chronicle’s MLive Player of the Year for Hockey. The big defenceman was heavily recruited this offseason but in the end chose to come to the city of sunshine.

“We were very excited to recruit Brandon to Dauphin.” said Kings Head Coach/GM Marlin Murray.  “He’s got great size for a defenceman without losing mobility. He’s a good skater, smart with the puck and has a good shot from the point.  Once he feels comfortable in our league, Brandon has the ability to play a lot of minutes in key situations. He played nearly 40 minutes a night  for his high school team last season.”

Romano Morrison was acquired in a trade from the Whitecourt Wolverines in the AJHL for future considerations. The 6.01 ft 190 lb winger had 23 points including 10 goals in 55 games as a nineteen year old for the Wolverines last season. The veteran forward brings a ton of experience to the Kings having played 114 games in the AJHL with Whitecourt and Calgary. The Kings will look for the Edmonton product to make an immediate impact on their line up.

“Romano is a very competitive player, and he hates to lose.” said Berry. “He has a great work ethic. He blocks shots and likes to finish checks. He can be a terror for opposing defencemen on the forecheck. Romano is a high energy type of player that will add a veteran presence and leadership to our hockey club. We’re looking for Romano to play top line minutes this season due to his size and skill set.”

Fans! There are still tickets available for the Kings Summer Leisure Draw! You could take home a 2015 Can-Am 500 XT ATV! There is also a 50/50 Add on.  Call (204)622-5461 or email and get yours today!